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Wall Art

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There are few better ways to stamp your character on a property than through the use of wall art, and items like custom prints and personalised canvases make a great addition to any wall in any building. Custom wall art enables you to create exactly the design and look that you want, whether you want photo realism or something more abstract and profound.


Canvas is an ideal material for printing any type of image. Its raised texture gives the printed image a three-dimensional effect, while the quality and durability of the canvas itself means that your pictures will last for years without degradation of the image. Choose from a variety of canvas sizes for your perfect design.

Custom Wall Art

Custom wall art makes a great gift idea, especially for a first anniversary, which is traditionally considered the paper anniversary. As an anniversary gift, you could have a wedding photo of the couple printed on a custom canvas, that the recipient can display on their wall. Alter­natively, you can buy a custom print of your own family, a favourite holiday destination, or even one of your own art pictures or other images.

Print On Demand Wall Art From Two Fifteen

As well as being able to buy your own personalised wall art, you can also use us as a print on demand service. Install our API on your ecommerce store and your customers will be able to choose from your selection of personalised and custom designs. Once the order is complete on your site, we will complete the wall art print on demand and then send the finished product, in plain packaging, to the customer’s address.

Email us on or view the knowledgebase to see a full list of frequently asked questions about custom wall art, other personalised products, and our print on demand services.