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The hoodie is a convenient, flexible, layered item of clothing. It can be worn in the winter to help keep warm. It can be worn in summer, especially during the cooler evening hours. You can wear it indoors for comfort, or outdoors to keep warm and protect against the weather. A lot of people also wear a hoodie as a form of comfort clothing. 

Personalised Hoodies

With custom hoodies, you can enjoy all of these benefits while also customising it with a print, design, text, or even a photo of your choice. Custom hoodies make great gifts or you can sell personalised hoodies on your website or in your shop. 

Design Your Own Hoodies

We have hand chosen a range of hoodies from different manuf­ac­turers, all of which have been chosen for their durability, good looks, and to ensure that we can effectively print a long lasting design on them. Choose hoodies from brands like All We Do Is Hoods and Continental Clothing, add your chosen picture or design, and we will print and send your customised hoodie to you. 

Print On Demand Services

Alter­natively, you can install our API, which is compatible with ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, on your website. Your visitors can upload their own designs, or use yours, and the order is sent directly to us. We print the personalised hoodie and then send it to your customer in plain packaging.

Two Fifteen

Custom hoodies are a great gift idea for any individual. Customise a collection of hoodies for a stag or hen party, add branding and use them for event or exhibition marketing for your business. Add a personalised message and give them as a gift to a family member or friend. The ability to customise the design means that you can create any style of hoodie you want, and for any purpose.

Check out the knowled­gebase, call us on 01253 272071 or email sales@twofifteen.co.uk with questions about our custom hoodies or other products that we sell.