Current Production Times: Mugs & Giftware 1-2 Working days, Clothing 1-5 working days!

Ethical Policy

Our responsibility as an employer and service provider to our customers means that we have to be committed to ensuring we operate ethically and our partners & suppliers in turn do so too.

We do associate ourselves with a wide range of brands, and we’d never knowingly affiliate ourselves with another brand/company that did not operate in this way. However, we do recommend that our customers conduct their own due diligence when it comes to choosing which brands to offer on their store.

There are Organic and Fair Share ranges available on our website through Continental Clothing. We are also aiming to improve our organic options throughout 2019 to give our customers a wider choice when it comes to ethically sourced products.

Our social responsibility is also important to us; and as of November 2018 we have committed to donate any clothing that isn’t suitable to be shipped out to customers to be donated to charities within our local community. This reduces waste but also makes a difference in our local area and helps those who need it most.