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The sweatshirt was introduced as a thick, fleecy cotton pullover that was worn primarily by athletes and competitors. They kept athletes warm but, as the name suggests, they also had the capability to absorb sweat during and after exercise. Initially, sweatshirts were designed and manufactured in a utilitarian grey colour, and there was very little alternative for what was considered a functional item of clothing.

While the modern sweatshirt bears many of the same features and elements of the original, they are no longer only available in plain grey. There is a massive range of colours, as well as sweatshirts that bear sports’ team names and other emblems, logos, and text. You can buy band sweatshirts, team sweatshirts, and general design sweatshirts. They are still worn as functional clothing; as well as being worn by athletes, they have become popular with surfers and skaters because they are comfortable and functional, and also come in such a variety of designs and colours.

Personalised Sweatshirts

At Two Fifteen, we have sweatshirts from leading brands like Anvil, Continental Clothing, and Just Cool. We have an array of sizes, and you can choose the colour of sweatshirt on which your design or logo can be added.

You can create your own design directly on our website. Upload your design, choose the sweatshirt, colour, and size you want, and complete your order. We will deliver it to you within the next few days.

Dropshipping Custom Sweatshirts

Alter­natively, you can offer your own unique designs to your ecommerce store customers. Install our API on your website. It is compatible with platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify so is easy to install. Your customer places their order, the order is automati­cally passed to us via the API, and we print the custom sweatshirt of your choice before sending it in plain packaging directly to the customer.

We have a track record of dropshipping custom sweatshirts to customers across the country and working for a range of individuals and ecommerce websites. Call us on 01253 302791 or email sales@twofifteen.co.uk with any questions you have about the products or services we offer.