Current Production Times: Mugs & Giftware 1-2 Working days, Clothing 1-5 working days!

Woo Commerce

Sell t-shirts, mugs & other giftware on WooCommerce


Integrate the products created on your Two Fifteen account, with your Woo Commerce store using the Two Fifteen integration and your orders will come straight to us for fulfilment.

 Our dedicated Woo Commerce integration will allow you to upload a design and create products, export them to your store and then when ordered by a customer, be printed and dropshipped by Two Fiteen on your behalf. Whether you are starting your own t-shirt brand or your designing your own mugs or cushions read on to find out why Two Fifteen and Woo Commerce is the perfect combination for your brand. 


How does it work?


1. Connect your Woo Commerce store.

Link your Two Fifteen account with your Woo Commerce store by clicking here


2. Create products

Using our product mockup tool create products and export them to your store.


3. Setup shipping, taxes and payment methods.

Make sure that your store is set up correctly to accept orders.


4. A customer orders from your store

The order is automatically sent to Two Fifteen for fulfillment.


5. Two Fifteen prints and dispatches the order

The order is dispatched in plain packaging under your brand,